7 things: just put Biden, Trump in the same cell; Ivey supports tax rebates; and more …

7. Welcome Center rocket in the final countdown

  • It looks like the fate of the Saturn IB rocket has been decided at the Alabama Welcome Center in Ardmore. NASA and the US Space & Rocket Center said the rocket was degraded beyond repair and could pose a safety problem if left in place. It will cost more than $7 million to disassemble and rebuild the Saturn IB with no guarantee that it will survive the refurbishment.
  • State Rep. Andy Whitt (R-Ardmore), chairman of the state’s Economic Development and Tourism Committee, who previously said he plans to fight to preserve the rocket, has changed his mind after a meeting with NASA and the Rocket Center . “Unfortunately, (the missile) suffered critical damage to its internal structure. We have had several productive meetings with NASA, the US Space & Rocket Center and Limestone County officials… We must now see this as an opportunity to create a landmark that will stand the test of time and as a symbol of the past and of Alabama’s past serves current role in space and technology.”

6. Antifa riots in Atlanta

  • A mob of Antifa rioters took to the streets in a planned riot to respond to the city of Atlanta’s construction of a police department training facility, after a previous interaction between the two sides killed a man and wounded an officer.
  • As usual, the media refers to this as “peaceful,” and CNN said that property destruction is not violence, “think there’s a real blurring of lines in the use of the word violence. Is property destruction violence? For some people it certainly is. But you know, this idea that window smashing or other acts of property destruction is the same as actual violence against people is a dangerous and slippery concept.”

5. Will Ainsworth signals support for real school choice

  • Debates over school choice in the state of Alabama could intensify this upcoming legislative session. There are rumors that all school choice trials will be about raising charter schools, but coupons are not on the table.
  • Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth tweeted a message in support of parents who have “real” options in the future: “I believe it’s time for real school choices that allow parents in Alabama to choose what’s best for their children.” Who agrees on that?”

4. Biden is being pushed into negotiations by the Democrats

  • While talk of a looming federal default dominates the news, President Joe Biden’s only position is that there will be no negotiations with Republicans, and other Democrats say negotiations threaten America’s full confidence and creditworthiness.
  • But one Democrat, US Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Virginia), says negotiations must take place: “I think it’s a mistake because we have to negotiate. That’s a democracy we have. We have a two party system, if you will, and we should be able to talk to each other and find out where our differences lie. And if they’re unforgiving, then you have to go ahead and let people make their decision.”

3. Governor and Senate Tax Refunds

  • The debate over how the state of Alabama should relieve taxpayers seems as good as over. There will be no tax bill rewrite, there will be a one-time refund if Gov. Kay Ivey and State Senate Pro Tem Greg Reed prevail.
  • Ivey appeared on APTV’s Capitol Journal and supported tax breaks. “That’s why we work hard to make sure that when we return some estates, it’s an amount that’s enough to make people realize they’ve gotten some of their money back,” he added. “That’s important. I don’t want to give them just a token amount.”

2. Americans agree on something for once

  • More than 60% of Americans believe that President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden mishandled classified documents. Seventy-seven percent said Trump’s actions were inappropriate in handling the documents, 64 percent for Biden.
  • To show that a one-sided media narrative works, 43% said Trump’s handling of the documents was worse, and just 20% said Biden’s was worse.

1. Biden kindly allows the FBI to find more classified material at his home

  • The inability of President Joe Biden and his team to stop the disclosure of classified materials has unleashed a political firestorm of embarrassing incompetence, while spokesmen badly try to sell the public his competence and seriousness on the matter.
  • More classified materials were found during a search of Biden’s Delaware home on Friday. The Justice Department said the search was requested by the Biden team as if that were a point in their favor when in reality they know a search was warranted and is likely to come anyway.

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