Alabama basketball alone at the top

And then there was another. Alabama is now the last undefeated team in the Southeastern Conference. Sure, it’s not an outlier. Auburn, Tennessee and Texas a&M are lurking with just one loss each.

For Crimson Tide coach Nate Oats, the small item on the bucket list was checked off as he practiced his first Bama win in Missouri on Saturday. That leaves Texas A&M — where Alabama did not play during Oat’s tenure — the only SEC venue where he did not emerge victorious.

The more notable achievement is that Alabama improved its record to 17-2 and its SEC mark to 7-0 with its 85-64 win at Columbia on Saturday. That 21-point lead kept Bama at his pace, winning every conference game by double digits and averaging a lead of exactly 21 points per league game.

In those seven games, The Tide has played four on the road and three at the Coleman Coliseum.

Next up is Bama, Mississippi in Tuscaloosa at 8:00 p.m. CST with SEC Network telecast. Alabama opened conference play in Starkville on December 28 with a 78-67 win – no opposing league team came as close as they could.

Texas A&M, the only other team unbeaten in Saturday’s league game, suffered its first loss in Kentucky.

Saturday is the SEC vs. Big 12 competition for 10 SEC teams including Alabama in Oklahoma.

Here’s this week’s SEC update:

Results from Saturday

Alabama 85, @Missouri 64

Vanderbilt 85, @Georgia 82

Arkansas 69, Ole Miss 57

Kentucky 76, Texas A&M 67

Maroon 81, @ South Carolina 66

Tennessee 77, @LSU 56

Florida 61, @ Mississippi State 59


Alabama 17-2 7-0

Maroon 16-3 6-1

Tennessee 16-3 6-1

Texas A&M 13-6 5-1

Kentucky 13-6 4-3

Florida 11-8 4-3

Georgia 13-6 3-3

Vanderbilt 10-9 3-3

Missouri 14-5 3-4

Arkansas 13-6 2-5

So Carolina 8-11 1-5

12-7 1-6 Mississippi St

LSU 12-7 1-6

Ole Miss 9-10 1-6

This week’s games


Wednesday — State of Mississippi, 8 p.m. CST (SEC Network)

Saturday – @ Oklahoma, 1 p.m. CST (ESPN)


Tuesday – LSU

Saturday – @ Baylor


Wednesday – Texas A&M

Saturday – @ West Virginia


Wednesday – South Carolina

Saturday – @Kansas State


Wednesday – @Tennessee

Saturday—South Carolina


Tuesday – @Vanderbilt

Saturday – Kansas


Tuesday – @Arkansas

Saturday – Texas Tech

Ole Fraulein

Tuesday – Missouri

Saturday – @ Oklahoma State

State of Mississippi

Wednesday – @ Alabama

Saturday – TCU


Tuesday – @ Ole Fraulein

Saturday – State of Iowa

South Carolina

Wednesday – @ Florida

Saturday – @Georgia


Wednesday – Georgia

Saturday – Texas

Texas A&M

Wednesday – @Auburn




Saturday – @Texas A&M