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Nepal mourns deadly plane crash that kills at least 66

POKHARA, Nepal (AP) — Nepal began a national day of mourning on Monday when rescue workers resumed the search for six missing people, a day after a plane into a tourist town crashed into a ravine while trying to land at a newly opened airport to land, killing at least 66 of the 72 people on board the country’s deadliest plane crash in three decades. Authorities revised the death toll from 68 on Sunday after a recount early Monday morning, said Tek Bahadur KC, a senior administration official. Rescuers at the scene are also searching the crash site after the flight data recorder for further clues as to the cause of the crash.

Expanded US training for Ukrainian forces begins in Germany

BRUSSELS (AP) — The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says new, expanded combat training of Ukraine’s armed forces by the US military has begun in Germany. The goal is to get a battalion of about 500 soldiers back on the battlefield to fight the Russians over the next five to eight weeks. General Mark Milley says the troops being trained left Ukraine for Germany a few days ago. The so-called combined arms training aims to improve the capabilities of the Ukrainian armed forces so that they are better prepared to launch an offensive or to counter a surge in Russian attacks. Milley spoke to reporters who were traveling with him to Brussels on Sunday.

House GOP demands visitor logs in case of Biden trust documents

WASHINGTON (AP) – Newly seated Republicans are asking the White House to release any information related to its searches that uncovered classified documents in President Joe Biden’s home and former office. The request follows a new disclosure by the White House over the weekend of additional records found at the president’s residence in Delaware. In a letter to the White House Sunday, the chair of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee says he wants to see the documents and communications related to the searches. Visitor logs to the President’s home in Wilmington, Delaware are also being sought.

A building in Ukraine suffers the deadliest civilian attack in months

DNIPRO, Ukraine (AP) – The death toll from a Russian missile attack on an apartment building in the southeastern Ukrainian city of Dnipro has risen to 30, according to the National Emergency Service. Crews who had worked through the cold night tried to pull survivors from the rubble of the destroyed multi-storey building on Sunday. The deaths reported there were the most civilians killed in one place since a strike on September 30 in Ukraine’s Zaporizhia region. Russia also targeted the capital Kyiv and the northeastern city of Kharkiv on Saturday, ending a two-week lull in widespread airstrikes it has launched since October. Russia on Sunday acknowledged the rocket attacks but made no mention of the Dnipro apartment building.

A loving father and his wounded son pay the cost of the war in Ukraine

CHERNIHIV, Ukraine (AP) — In a Ukrainian hospital ward for wounded soldiers, where daylight barely penetrates, a father talks to his injured son for hours. Serhii Shumei feels caring for his son Vitalii is his contribution to Ukraine’s war effort. Vitalii, a 34-year-old long-range anti-aircraft missile commander, was wounded in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. Donbass has become synonymous with appalling casualties in the ongoing fighting for both Ukraine and Russia. Neither side says how many sacrifices they take. But it’s clear from the stream of wounded soldiers coming from the front lines to hospitals like the one where Vitalii lies, the costs are high.

In the tornado devastated Selma prayers of thanksgiving

SELMA, Ala. (AP) – On Sunday, after a tornado devastated much of the historic town of Selma, church congregations raised prayers of thanksgiving for lives spared and prayers of consolation for lives lost elsewhere in the storm that swept across the south. The tornado destroyed the Crosspoint Christian Church daycare center, but the 70 children inside were unharmed after workers moved them to the bathrooms. Rev. Leodis Strong, pastor of the historic Brown Chapel AME Church, said many in the congregation were hurt but were relying on faith and one another to get through this.

GOP action on mail-in voting deadlines angers military families

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio’s restrictive new election law significantly shortens the window for receiving ballots sent in the mail, though there’s no evidence the extended deadline has led to fraud or other problems. And this change angers active-duty military members and their families because of its potential to disenfranchise them. Former President Donald Trump has been promoting a false narrative since losing the 2020 election that inconsistent results caused by late mail-in ballots are a sign of fraud. In Ohio, Republican lawmakers say that even if Trump’s claims aren’t true, the skepticism those claims have provoked among conservatives about the accuracy of election results warrants imposing new limits.

Wealth plays a big part in post-scandal college admissions

In the wake of the college admissions bribery scandal, experts say there is little evidence it has led to significant changes in the world of college admissions. Schools like the University of Southern California have adjusted the rules to discourage misconduct, but critics say the overriding role of wealth, class and race is as big as ever. College admissions officials see the case as a runaway led by a small cast of bad actors. But others say it showed how the rich are favored in admissions. University of Maryland education scholar Julie Park said it shows how “privilege is really baked into the system in a lot of ways.”

Alabama basketball player, second man charged with murder

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) – Alabama basketball player Darius Miles and another man have been charged with capital murder after a deadly shooting near campus. Tuscaloosa Police Captain Jack Kennedy said the shooting happened early Sunday morning on the Strip off University Boulevard near the campus. He said 23-year-old Jamea Harris, from the Birmingham area, was shot dead. Miles, 21, and Michael Lynn Davis, 20, of Charles County, Maryland, were both charged with capital murder. The university says Miles has been removed from the fourth-place Crimson Tide. He was a reserve striker.

Hubbard’s 98-yard fumble return lifts Bengals over Ravens

CINCINNATI (AP) — Sam Hubbard returned Tyler Huntley’s fumbling 98 yards for a tied touchdown in the fourth quarter, helping Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Baltimore Ravens 24-17 in an AFC wild card game. About 12 minutes before the end of the third goal, Huntley attempted to go over the top of the line for the starting shot. But he was picked up by Germaine Pratt and stripped by fellow linebacker Logan Wilson. The ball went straight to Hubbard on the 2, and the defensive end launched downfield for the longest fumble return for a touchdown in NFL postseason history.

Robbie Knievel, daring son of Evel Knievel, dies aged 60

Montana man charged with bringing teenage son into Capitol riot

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