Are there alligators in Lake Eufaula, Alabama?

Whenever you swim in a lake in the south, especially in Florida, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Texas, Georgia and Alabama, you should always keep an eye out for alligators. Alligators are very common in the south and thrive in the wetlands. However, they have been known to spread out and live away from swamps.

Lake Eufaula in Alabama is located on the Chattahoochee River near Eufaula, Alabama. It is one of the most popular lakes in the entire state. The lake covers 45,000 acres with 640 miles of shoreline. But are there alligators in Lake Eufaula in Alabama? How many? Read on to find out if there are alligators in Lake Eufaula, Alabama.

About alligators

Alligators are old animals. They are native to the United States, Mexico and China. Alligators are aggressive and solitary animals that prefer to hunt and live alone. However, young juvenile alligators sometimes live in groups. Alligators evolved between 53 million and about 65 million years ago, splitting off from caimans. Chinese alligators split from American alligators 33 million years ago. Two species of alligators are still alive.

size and appearance

Front view of the big alligator
The average American alligator weighs over 990 pounds.


In this article we will be looking at the American alligator as this is the species that lives in Lake Eufaula in Alabama. Alligators are large animals that can easily grow to 13 feet in length. The average American alligator weighs over 990 pounds. The world’s largest captive alligator was 19.2 feet in Louisiana. American alligators have black or dark olive-brown, hard skin with white undersides. Juvenile alligators look slightly different, aside from being smaller. Young juvenile alligators have bright yellow or whitish stripes. This helps them camouflage and hide among the reeds and marsh grasses.


Alligators are not picky eaters, but despite the stereotype that alligators are hungry beasts, they only eat when hungry. Adult alligators eat birds, deer, muskrats, and larger fish such as gar. Young juvenile alligators eat smaller fish, insects, and worms. Interestingly, some alligators also attack larger animals such as Florida panthers and black bears.


Adult alligators are apex predators, meaning they have no natural predators. Humans might be the only predators that hunt alligators for their skin and meat. Alligator cuisine is popular in the South, especially in Louisiana and Florida. However, juvenile alligators are small and easy prey for coyotes, large birds, bobcats, and raccoons.

Are there alligators in Lake Eufaula, Alabama?

Eufaula Lake
Lake Eufaula is a safe haven for alligators.

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Lake Eufaula in Alabama is teeming with alligators. This lake is considered one of the most dangerous in the entire state. Although there is no estimated number for how many alligators call Lake Eufaula, you can expect to see at least one on a trip to the lake. But why are there so many alligators in Lake Eufaula? The answer is actually pretty simple. Unlike other lakes in Alabama, you must catch and release alligators found in the lake unless they are 8 feet or longer. In other words, it’s a safe haven for alligators.

Can you swim in Lake Eufaula?

Lake Eufaula is consistently cited as the most beautiful lake in Alabama, but is it safe to swim in? If you are looking for a nice and safe place to swim, this is not the best choice. Swimming with alligators always comes with a risk, and while you might not see one, that doesn’t mean they don’t hide nearby. Alligators don’t attack humans for fun, but splashing around in their territory might pique their interest.

Instead of swimming in Alabama’s Lake Eufaula, you can go fishing and boating on the lake! In fact, it is one of the best bass fishing spots in the nation. People travel from all over the world to catch monster bass. Many people also rent cabins and vacation homes on the waterfront and enjoy the myriad of beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

The largest alligator caught in Lake Eufaula, Alabama

In Lake Eufaula, the largest alligator caught weighed 920 pounds.

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The largest alligator caught in Lake Eufaula, Alabama, weighed 920 pounds. Center Point’s Scott Evans and friends Jeff and Justin Gregg caught this massive alligator on August 14, 2015. The alligator was also 13 feet and 6 inches long. It produced about 250 pounds of alligator meat. Evans said he’s ready to cook some new recipes at a family barbecue with the impressive catch.

While Scott Evan and friends caught the largest alligator in Lake Eufaula, it’s not the state’s largest alligator. The largest alligator ever caught in Alabama measured 15 feet 9 inches long and weighed 1,011.5 pounds. Mandy Stokes and her crew, which also included her husband, captured this gigantic alligator on August 15, 2014. They fought and hunted the alligator for five hours before finally killing it.