Atmospheric landfill fire: time to dress for dystopian stress, Alabama

“Headache. Cough. Red eyes. difficulty breathing. Air purifiers running 24/7 and the smell that just won’t go away,” writes Dennis Pillion of

“For 53 days, these things have been a reality for hundreds of Alabama residents living near an underground fire at a landfill north of Birmingham, with no end in sight.”

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Let’s make a hot fashion statement, Alabama. Get out the gas masks and grim reaper hazmat robes. Time to get dressed for dystopian stress.

John Archibald writes: ADEM must stand for Alabama doesn’t matter.

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management said in a statement this month — nearly a month after the fire broke out — that Alabamaans can protect themselves in the following ways:

  • Limit outdoor activities.
  • Install high efficiency filters in heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Seal off areas where outside air can enter the house with caulk or other material (this also pays off after the fire is out).
  • Consider getting a personal air quality monitor.
  • Because the smoke can persist for an extended period of time, those with respiratory-related health issues may consider relocating temporarily.

In other words, it’s up to you, Alabama. As pretty much always when it comes to ADEM. Lock yourself in your house if you have trouble breathing (you won’t regret it!). Or move.

Or you can stay where you are and make a hot fashion statement. I’m just saying.

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Kyle Whitmire (@WaronDumb) retweeted the story about Governor Ivey asking the EPA for help with this comment: “We should call this Pulling a Alabama. Trash talk feds when they offer help. Ask for help when it’s too late.”


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