Bill O’Brien can pass on New England

Alabama football fans are so done with Bill O’Brien, not many are worried about his next appearance. When his contract expires in a few weeks, O’Brien will officially be a former offensive coordinator for Alabama Football.

From a general perspective, when former coaches carry on and find success elsewhere, it strengthens the reputation of the Alabama Crimson Tide program. Not many Alabama fans were disappointed when Brian Daboll left Tuscaloosa in 2017 after a single season. Now as the head coach of the New York Giants, some say Daboll would be named NFL Coach of the Year.

When you think of the Coach of the Year awards, you get some faded Bill O’Brien history. As Penn State head coach, he was the 2012 college football coach of the year.

Given O’Brien’s notable history with Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, many believed O’Brien would return to the NFL with the Pats. Mike Giardi from the NFL Network believes the Patriots want O’Brien to return.

There is a very influential voice in upper management that definitely wants Bill O’Brien as OK.

The Patriots have more problems than needing a new offensive coordinator. Giardi also noted that the New England organization understands it needs to come up with at least one game-changing addition at wide receiver. The need could turn into a clear two if Jakobi Meyers, the Pats’ top wide receiver, leaves the team through a free hand.

For no other reason, Alabama football fans probably want the Patriots’ next offensive coordinator to be a good one, for Mac Jones’ sake.

But there could be a stumbling block in Foxboro. Patriots Wire’s Danny Jaillet reports that Bill O’Brien may not want to work for Bill Belichick again. What could prove to be a deal-breaker, according to Jaillet, is that O’Brien wants more autonomy than Belichick is willing to give.

Jaillet’s source is Greg Bedard of the Boston SportsJournalWho wrote,

He (O’Brien) checks all the boxes — knows the system, can coach the QB, has a relationship with (Mac) Jones, is no outsider — and has probably learned a few New Age tricks in the college game. Last I heard, and that can change as quickly as the Patriots’ policy on commenting on contracts, was not enthusiastic about this gig due to the lack of clarity about the setup. If Belichick O’Brien said he had autonomy, including over assistants, that might make him more attractive.

Maybe it comes down to who needs who more. Stubbornness on one or both sides could end discussions.