Countdown to March Madness Selection Sunday

Why start a countdown now for Alabama basketball and selection sunday? Only in the next 52 days will Alabama Crimson Tide fans know Alabama’s seed and opening round location. But in this almost unprecedented season, we already know one thing. The 2022-23 Alabama Crimson Tide will be an NCAA tournament team.

Technically, Nate Oats’ team still needs a few wins, but several March Madness prediction sources already have the Tide’s Big Dance odds at 100%.

Given the above Bama hammer will frequently delve deep into the Crimson Tide Bracketology along with other likely top seeded teams and any scheduled NCAA tournament, SEC team.

Alabama Basketball Bracketology – January 18

On Wednesday, reflecting Kansas’ loss to Kansas State, ESPN’s Joe Lunardi Alabama Basketball moved up one spot. Now the Crimson Tide is not just a 1-seed, but #2 out of the four projected 1-seeds.

Purdue is Lunardi’s current overall winner. Houston is #3 and Kansas is #4.

Lunardi has six SEC teams in the Big Dance field, with Kentucky being his final pick in his last four in category. He also has Texas A&M at the top of his next four out category.

His last full bracket, released Tuesday morning, had Tennessee as a 2-seed; Arkansas and Auburn as 6 seeds and Missouri as 9 seeds.

Also ahead of the January 17 games, compilation site Bracket Matrix had 15 Crimson Tide opponents in the 2022-23 season as NCAA tournament teams. Not all of them will eventually make it to the NCAA tournament, but the predictions show the difficulty of the Crimson Tide’s schedule.

As for the predictions, it seems that with every win, another source joins the Alabama train. On Wednesday, Charles Barkley said, although it pains him to say it, Alabama is the best team in the country. Warren Nolan is respected for the accuracy of his prediction algorithm. Nolan has Alabama Basketball, which finishes the regular season 29-2, including an 18-0, on the SEC schedule. Nolan also predicts the Crimson Tide will finish with the nation’s No. 1 strength of the schedule (SOS) and claim nine quad-1 wins.

Even better known than Nolan is Ken Pomeroy, whose algorithm on the Crimson Tide is almost as bullish as Nolan’s.

As good as Alabama is, nothing is taken for granted. The Crimson Tide has future games to lose. It’s far too early for Crimson Tide fans to celebrate anything more than every win as it comes. Let’s enjoy the ride through March and hopefully beyond.