Five reasons Texas shouldn’t fear football in Alabama in 2023

Texas shouldn’t fear the Alabama Crimson Tide next season. The Longhorns went neck and neck with Tide in last season’s 20-19 home loss. The score does not tell the story.

Texas bullied Alabama. Kelvin Banks timed out hopeful Will Anderson in first place overall. Flaring the tide, Quinn Ewers mustered 134 yards in two drives before leaving injured.

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To complicate the Longhorns’ chances, officials missed several crucial calls against Alabama. Anyone with eyes agrees should be a security. It was just a score-changing game going against Texas.

Aside from being a good match with Alabama, Nick Saban’s team loses several key contributors in the NFL draft. Let’s look at a few reasons why Texas has little to worry about when traveling to Tuscaloosa.


No Bryce Young

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Bryce Young saved his team last year. The Tide won’t be able to afford that luxury in 2023. I’d be surprised if Jalen Milroe or Ty Simpson dueled Quinn Ewers.


More key returning players

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Nobody wants to say, but Texas is bringing back a better team than Alabama next year. The Longhorns should have a decided experience and recurring production advantage, although the Crimson Tide is more talented overall.


The Trenches

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Texas owned last season’s trenches. They will probably do it again.


It’s the biggest game in Texas

Aem Texas vs. Alabama 33

You can call it the Super Bowl of Texas if you like, but the Longhorns’ coaching staff is bringing their best game plan to defeat Alabama. They will probably do that again. Alabama has other rivals that it’s probably more worried about.


dynastic decline

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Alabama has been underchallenged in many of its games over the past two seasons. Poor play-calling and poor preparation may be the only explanation for his struggles with Texas A&M. The team isn’t as responsive to Nick Saban as they used to be, but their coordinators just haven’t been doing enough good work lately.