LCS BOE recognizes students enrolled in the Alabama SMG | local news were placed

During Tuesday night’s board meeting, Jan. 17, Limestone County Schools recognized gifted students in grades 4 through 8 who placed in the Alabama Stock Market Game hosted by the Alabama Council on Economic Education.

“Limestone County students have performed extremely well this semester, placing 1st through 4th for the region and taking 7 of the top 10 spots, including a total of 343 teams,” said gifted specialist Carla Franklin.

The Stock Market Game is a 10-week simulation for students from Alabama.

“During the 10-week simulation, the teams met weekly to examine stock market trends and make decisions about their investments. They used tracking logs to monitor changes in their investments and help with their decisions,” explained gifted specialist Carmon Gallimore. “They learned about sectors and 52-week forecasts. They also learned how to use current events to guide their decisions.”

She continued, “During weekly board meetings, team members had to negotiate and reach an agreement to buy, sell or hold their stock holdings and preserve their portfolio. The team’s mission was to grow its portfolio, with the top 5 teams winning cash prizes.”

Recognized were:

1st place – Ardmore: 7th grade team of Eva Grae Kennedy and Neveah Kahler

2nd place – Ardmore: 7th grade team of Lauren Bates, Joshua Browning and Jayden Dorning

3rd place – Sugar Creek Elementary: Grant Scripps, Santos Juarez, Griffin Jones and Michael Livingston

4th place – Elkmont Elementary: 4th grade team of Kileigh Gatlin and Jase Dabney

7th place – West Limestone: Noah Taylor and Anna Townsend

9th place – Ardmore: 6th grade team of Rileigh Gullat and Karley Moore

10th place – Elkmont Elementary: 4th grade team consisting of Emma Cook, Violet Brunson, Emilee Haggermaker and Brelie Ridinger

Sponsors are Carla Franklin, Ardmore; Weston Stewart, Sugar Creek Elementary and West Limestone; and Carmon Gallimore, Elkmont Elementary School.

Franklin received the North Region’s Stock Market Game Top Advisor Portfolio Award for Grades 4-8, recognizing her as the advisor with the highest portfolio equity average of any team registered in the region.

“The students and I really enjoyed the simulation. We learned a lot about stocks and investing with the stock market game,” said gifted specialist Charles Stewart. “I enjoy and always strive to provide my students with additional challenges and experiences in my classes. They loved scouting for stocks to buy and monitoring them throughout the 10 week simulation. I am very proud of my students.”