Record falls as No. 9-13 Tigers part ways with Alabama

AUBURN, Ala. – head coach Ryan Wochomurka and the Tigers rocked the James E. Martin Aquatic Center from start to finish on Friday. A record-breaking performance capped the men’s third top-25 doubles win, while the women left it all in the pool against a top-10 opponent.


No. 9 Maroon 184, No. 15 Alabama, 116

#8 Alabama 155, #13 Auburn 145


The Auburn women started Friday afternoon with a solid performance in the 200-medley relay. Ellie Waldrep, Anastasia Makarova, Claudia Tamm and Lexie Mulvihill hit the wall second. In the meantime, Megan Lee, Hannah Ownbey, Abby Gibbons and Emma Steckel were close behind in third place to take vital points.

Auburn’s distance group has done it all season. Emil Hetzer and Averee Preble kept it going in both the 1,000 and 500 free races, consolidating second and third places in both races.

Polina Newmovenko exposed the hammer in the 200. Her 1:46.21 was a personal best at the event. Rebekah Hamilton and Payton Marvin weren’t too far behind and earned the Tigers’ first win of the day.

Auburn’s backstroke squad faced the situation again on Friday. Ellie Waldrep, Daisy Platts and Kensley Merritt solidified back into second, third and fourth in 100. Later that evening, Platts, Lee and Merritt tied for the 200th place.

The orange-blue record holder in the 100 chest in Anastasia Makarova didn’t make history, but her fourth win of the year at the event kept Alabama at bay for now.

Megan LeeHowever, she had her sights set on a piece of history. Her 1:56.48 in the 200 fly was not only a career best, but is now the 10th best in Auburn history. Casey Cullen and Abby Gibbons grabbed second and third, and Avery Bargeron solid fourth for good measure as the women scored their second bat of the day.

In the 100 fly it was Claudia Tamm who led the Orange and Blue Charge. Thamm secured second place Avery Bargeron and Abby Gibbons be third and fourth.

Lexie Mulvihill and Claudia Tamm did the heavy lifting in the springs. The duo went 2-3 in the 50 free. Mulvihill took Nevmovenko and another second place in the 100th Emma Steckel touch in at third and fourth.

Hannah Ownbey almost ran over Alabama’s challenger in the 200 IM. Ownbey and Lee took second and third place, leaving it all to the 400 free relay race.

Mulvihill, Steckiel, Nevmovenko and Thamm raced to the bitter end. Nevmovenko in particular put one hell of a leg up chasing the Crimson Tide. However, a second and a third in the event meant Auburn fell just six points behind Alabama.


Ryan Wochomurka‘s men couldn’t have started better. The noise of Orange and Blue Faithfull nearly brought the house down Aidan Stoffle, Reid Mikuta, Nate Stoffle and Kalle Makinen chose to win the 200-medley relay.

keep the rough fever going, Mason Matthew chose one of the most impressive performances at the James E. Martin Aquatic Center. An 8:51.45 gave the sophomore a school record in the 1,000 free and grabbed it Zane Grothe holding his lap counter.

In the 500, Mathias still went on Auburn and secured second place. teammates Grant Davis and Mike Gadgaard rounded out the Tiger’s points with a third and fourth place finish respectively.

brothers Nate Stoffle and Aidan Stoffle were undeniable in the back. Nate reclaimed the 100 with Aidon close behind in second place for Nate’s fourth win of the year at the event. im 200, Andrew Simmons came up with an attempt to win while Nate hit the wall in second.

Nobody in the country touched her Reid Mikuta in the 100 chest. The junior still holds the fastest time in the country and the Auburn record. While neither was broken on Friday, his 51.55 was still good enough for the win as the Tiger men extended their lead over the Crimson Tide.

Mikuta put up a good fight in the 200 and touched his teammate in second place Jacques Rathle right behind third.

The closest race of the evening took place in the 200 Fly. Evan McInerny came home at a blistering pace to snag the win. Mason Matthew and Rost Jerger third and fourth hit the wall.

Aidan Stoffle took his third win of the year in the 100 fl with a 46.75. Nate would be third.

student in the first year Kalle Makinen starts getting in shape a month before the SEC championships. Makinen won in the 50 free with Logan Tirheimer and Mihalis Deliyiannis Secure third and fourth.

Makinen would return in the 100 to secure a second place finish. Christian Stolman would jump to third and Tirheimer to fourth.

Auburn’s trio of Danny Schmidt, Jacques Rathle and Reid Mikuta did well in the 200 IM, finishing second through fourth.

Although the men had achieved victory almost an hour earlier, Makinen, Tirheimer, Aidan Stoffle and Sztolcman left it all in the pool in the 400 free relay. A solid 2:51.64 was just 0.08 off Alabama’s pace and sealed another impressive top 15 win for the Tigers.


Ashlyn Sullivan and Abigail Farar had it rolled to the 3 meter. Sullivan’s 287.18 signaled her second win of the season. Farrar was right behind in second with 267.90.

Sullivan would return in the 1 meter with a second place finish while Farrar finished fourth.

Conner Pruitt was back on the road to success on the 1 meter. A 373.20 was just three points off his season best, but it was still a win. Whit Andrus’ 357.23 was a season high and a second-place finish for the sophomore.

Pruitt is unstoppable on the 3 meter. A 387.68 is far from his personal best but marks his third win of the season at the event. Walker Creedon and Hunter Keebler made sure he racked up a ton of points and finished second and third.


head coach, Ryan Wochomurka
“We fought really well on both sides today. It’s certainly a disappointing result on the women’s side, but it wasn’t a lack of effort. It wasn’t a lack of execution. We did our best and that’s all you can ask for. ” for. Excited for our men to pull off a win and where we are now, even a month away from the SEC Championships. We’ll see her again in a month and at the NCAA championships. I can’t say enough about the incredible environment that was here today. With our fans and students filling the house, that was a huge benefit for us.”

On Mason’s record-breaking swim…
“That was great. It was a record by Zane Grothe our volunteer assistant and he counted laps for him. Zane did a great job with our distance group and helped them understand how to take themselves to another level. Mason did great. He’s really continued to improve and that’s encouraging of him at the moment.”

second semester, Mason Matthew
“I think one of the best things about our team and our culture here is that we just aim to have fun. We love that and we train for races. We’re not just here to train, we’re trying to race and when we get a chance to throw off our best events and swim, maybe put on some suits, it’s a really exciting time. I love our distance group and I’m excited every time I get on those blocks knowing I have three or four other guys in the same heat that I know can bang with me.”

On Zane, the round counts for him
“It’s incredible. He majored in Aerospace Engineering and I’m a Mechanical Engineer. He has helped me with much more than just swimming. He helped me be a real student athlete. I couldn’t have asked him to count for me for something better. He also had such a great attitude about it because he wants us to break it.