Rewinding No. 4 Alabama’s 78-66 win over Vanderbilt

No. 4 Alabama is in Nashville Tuesday night for a 7:30 p.m. CT game at Vanderbilt. The Crimson Tide (15-2) are on a six-game winning streak but will play with high emotions after former teammate Darius Miles was charged with murder following a shooting on Sunday.

We’re live at Memorial Gymnasium in Nashville to cover it. Refresh the page for the latest from the crow’s nest high above this unique facility.

Second half

Alabama 78, Vanderbilt 66 (Endgame). Alabama wins for the seventh consecutive year on an emotional night.

— Two fouls by Brandon Miller made it 70-62, Alabama by 38.8 seconds. He has 26 points.

— Vanderbilt is not going away. It’s just 68-62 with 41.0 seconds left. ‘Dores is on a 13-2 run.

Alabama 64, Vanderbilt 49 (3:58): Brandon Miller has 24 points for an Alabama team that maintains a healthy lead. The Tide is 8-for-29 and shoots 3s.

Alabama 56, Vanderbilt 41 (7:27): The Tide got sloppy after taking the 23-point lead and missed 6 of the last 7 shots. In the second half, it still outstrips the hosts 20-15, but Vandy is on an 11-3 run.

Alabama 53, Vanderbilt 37 (11:07): Vandy went on a 7-0 run after the time-out. Brandon Miller has 20 points.

Alabama 50, Vanderbilt 30 (13:26): The tide is blowing things up now. A 7-0 run capped by Gurley’s 3-pointer resulted in a Vandy timeout. The hosts only shoot 22% (11 to 50).

Alabama 43, Vanderbilt 30 (15:28): Vandy’s miserable shooting continues, but Alabama couldn’t fully blow this up. The Dores are 1 for 7 at the start of the half, shooting 23.9% overall. Brandon Miller’s 3 gave him 15 points early in the half.

First half

Alabama 36, ​​Vanderbilt 26 (Halftime): The Tide shot 43.8% with 12 points from Brandon Miller in a mixed first half. Vandy only shoots 25.6% (10-for-39). Both aren’t making many from deep with Alabama 4-for-17 and Vandy 4-for-19.

Alabama 31, Vanderbilt 21 (3:47): Alabama put on a 10-0 run from the first deficit. Mark Sears’ 3 made it a 9-point play at the TV timeout. Brandon Miller now has 12 points in 5v7 shooting. Vandy missed 10 of the last 12 shots he took.

Vanderbilt 22, Alabama 21 (7:56): The Commodores have just taken their first lead of the game when Alabama’s hot shooting has gone cold. After making the first two 3s of the night, Alabama missed the next seven. Meanwhile, it looked like Brandon Miller said something to the Vandy bench after two of his baskets on the rim. He has 9 of the first 19 for Alabama.

Alabama 15, Vanderbilt 13 (10:56): Vanderbilt scored 8 straight points after falling behind 13-3. Alabama missed five straight shots before Noah Gurley’s dunk broke the runner. Still, Alabama is 1-for-its-last-8 out of the field. Alabama has 3 dunks among his 6 shots made. Tide has an 8-2 advantage in the suit as the Commodores miss starter Liam Robbins.

Alabama 9, Vanderbilt 3 (15:06): The Crimson Tide was coming out of the gate quickly. A fast break dunk by Brandon Miller made Alabama 4-0 in the opening moments. Another dunk by Bediako made it 6-0. After a Vandy 3, Miller hit a step back 3 pointer. The Commodores are 1-for-10 out of the field.


— Vanderbilt top scorer Liam Robbins will be out with a sprained ankle, according to The Tennessean.

— Alabama starters include Jaden Bradley, Mark Sears, Noah Clowney, Brandon Miller and Charles Bediako.

– Referees are Pat Adams, Rob Rorke and Doug Sirmons.