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Southern burger chain that goes “back, back, back” with Lucky Find

Published Monday 16 January 2023 5:19 am

Click here to hear the original jingle

In a world where flashy graphics and pulsating music convey messages in so many commercials, a Southern burger chain is going “back, back, back” to its roots after an amazing find at an Alabama recording studio.

Jack’s Family Restaurants, better known as local burger chain Jack’s, is going back to its roots for a new ad campaign after an original recording of a 1960s jingle was found.

“A message (was) sent to Jack’s headquarters via the online customer response platform stating that an audio store owner in Alexandria, Alabama, came across an old reel of track that said ‘Jack’s Hamburgers Jingle Master’ in a recently purchased audio lot was.” a press release explained.

“The news came as a pleasant surprise to all of us as no one at Jack has ever had access to an original recording of the jingle; we knew we would accept their offer to purchase this item for historical reasons,” said Billie Jo Waara, CMO of Jack. “$42.31 later to cover the cost of the roll and shipping and this piece of our rich brand history was in hand.”

Originally recorded by Boutwell Studios in Birmingham, the jingle was composed by Harry Kimbrall. It only lasted 12 seconds but was used for decades. The company released a newer version in 2010, featuring Kimbrall’s sons on guitar and drums.

The original recording was kept at the company’s headquarters in Alabama until the right time to put it back into the airwaves.

“Discussions with our new agency partner began last summer to eventually incorporate this audio into our messages, but the timing just didn’t feel natural,” Waara said. “That is, until now.”

Jack returned to Boutwell Studios, where producers were able to extract original audio of the jingle along with purely instrumental sections.

“A nod to nostalgia not only brings back memories, but allows new guests to understand who we really are. The Jack’s jingle was and is indicative of what we offer as a brand: more, more, more,” said Waara. “From burgers to chicken, cookies to desserts, we offer our guests a variety of options, all made with a bit of southern love and prepared for people in communities that we want to build relationships with – and who we hope will love Jack’s.” incorporate routines into their restaurants.”

Originally established in Alabama, 230 locations are also found in Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee.