The Alabama Crimson Tide: The team ahead of LSU women’s basketball goes 20-0 | Sports

While it doesn’t carry the same weight as a football game between LSU and Alabama, Monday night’s women’s basketball game still holds great importance in the SEC.

The Tigers take on the Crimson Tide on Monday at 18:00 CT for a chance to keep their unbeaten season alive by one more game.

The Crimson Tide will pose another challenge for LSU as they sit in the SEC with an overall record of 15-4 and a 4-2. Their conference losses come from Missouri with a point and a 13-point loss to Tennessee.

Brittany Davis is the player to watch for Alabama. She leads the team in scoring and rebounds with 17.6 points per game and 6.6 rebounds per game.

The senior guard have had no trouble getting the ball in the basket and have hit double digits in every single game since November, including their season-high 26 points in the loss to Missouri. No matter how quickly LSU starts, Davis will always present a challenge.

But she had help around her. Megan Abrams, Aaliyah Nye and Hannah Barber average eight points per game and up for the Crimson Tide. Sarah Ashlee Barker is also a threat as she led the team in points in her 16-point win over Ole Miss last Sunday.

LSU Men's Baskets: Tigers lose sixth straight game, look for positive results for stretch remaining

When Matt McMahon was announced as LSU’s next men’s basketball coach, it seemed like the program was about to undergo a rebuild.

This means Alabama will pose a similar threat to Arkansas. They don’t shoot quite as many three-pointers as the Razorbacks, but their defensive play is certainly the reason for their rating.

That being said, their defensive offense could bode well for Angel Reese and LaDazhia Williams. You could be presented with many opportunities to pick up rebounds on defense and even second chance shots on offense. At the Crimson Tide, Jada Rice leads the post with 7.3 points per game and 5.3 rebounds per game.

On the other hand, for LSU, guards need to be consistent throughout the game. If the Crimson Tide includes the color early, the guards will have to close the gap. They certainly did against Arkansas, but the points mostly came from below; Angel Reese and LaDazhia Williams combined for 15 of LSU’s 29 field goals. So the guard game would have to make up for this lack of shots.

This matchup will be a game where LSU really shows they’re strong on all cylinders. Tiger fans have seen Angel Reese shine all season so far, but this will be a game where the team can show they really are a threat in the SEC.