Ukraine News: Waiting for Germany’s Leopard Tanks (January 23)

Here is an outlook and summary of the most important developments over the past week.

Something to see

Attention remains on Germany as it weighs whether to send its Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine. The country has come under increasing criticism because it has so far hesitated to turn down calls for its tanks to be deployed. The German Defense Minister is scheduled to hold talks with the NATO Secretary General in Berlin on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Poland is eager to send its Leopard tanks to Ukraine and is awaiting a response from Berlin, which must give other countries permission to transfer the German-made tanks. Germany’s foreign minister said in an interview with French television on Sunday that Germany would not object.

Russia has expelled the Estonian ambassador and downgraded relations with the Baltic NATO state. The move came after Estonia expelled Russian diplomats and shipped arms to Ukraine. Estonia is expected to follow suit and expel the Russian ambassador.

What happened last week

Ukrainians mourn the residents were killed by a Russian missile hit an apartment building in the southeastern city of Dnipro last week. It was one of the deadliest attacks on civilians in recent memory during the war, killing more than 40 and wounding 80.

Russia claimed to take control the eastern Ukrainian city of Soledar last week, but Ukrainian and US officials have denied the allegation.

Britain has agreed to send Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine last Tuesday and called it “the most modern tank available to Ukraine”.

Minister of Interior of Ukraine Denys Monastyrsky and over a dozen other people died Last Wednesday, when a helicopter crashed into a kindergarten building in a suburb of Kyiv. One child was killed and 11 children were among more than two dozen injured.

The USA and other NATO countries obliged to ship a huge package of heavy weapons to Ukraine. The US portion is worth $2.5 billion. But Germany and the US refused to deliver one thing Ukraine wants: tanks.

The White House said the administration will name the Wagner group a major transnational criminal organization and impose tougher sanctions on the Russian private military company last Friday about his role in the Ukraine war.


Ukraine is recovering from a devastating week.

In Ukraine, despite the war, there is a tradition of immersion in an icy river.

The US and other NATO countries announce a massive arms package for Ukraine.

The funerals for dozens of people killed in an attack on an apartment complex in Dnipro begin.

Amidst the rubble in Dnipro, Ukraine, a frantic search becomes increasingly desperate.

Russia is touting a rare military victory, but Ukraine denies that claim.

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