What Really Happened to Pete Golding

former Alabama football Defensive coordinator Pete Golding has landed in Oxford, MS. That literally landed pro a tweeted video from the University of Mississippi.

As Golding takes off with Lane Kiffin’s associates, many claims are made about what happened during the transition.

Georgia fans, desperate to take on the Alabama Crimson Tide, claim Golding ran away from Nick Saban. Their reasoning is that Golding knew the Alabama Football Dynasty was dead and wanted a fresher opportunity.

Ole Miss fans are thrilled that Lane Kiffin has dressed Golding. How could they not be? Not even a Lane Kiffin offense could produce enough Ole Miss points to win tough games because the Ole Miss defense was embarrassingly bad.

Pete Golding could be just as happy as Ole Miss fans. He will no longer be in Nick Saban’s shadow. Whatever his defense system, he’s more likely to run it at Oxford than Nick Saban’s defense system.

At the top of Golding’s plus points is cash. According to Red Cup Rebellion, Golding will be paid around $2 million, and that’s a serious win from a program that’s not among the SEC’s elite.

Alabama football fans

It’s possible that no group is happier than Alabama’s football fans. Crimson Tide fans have called for Golding’s firing, which dates back to the 2019 season.

As many in the college football world know, Nick Saban rarely fires an assistant coach. He informs them to explore other opportunities and often helps them find a new job. Many Alabama fans believe this is what happened to Pete Golding.

Contrasting that belief is a claim, no doubt fueled by Ole Miss, that Lane Kiffin actually won a bidding war with Nick Saban to land Golding. Football Scoop published that Saban Golding offered a raise to stay on the Alabama Football team.

If that questionable claim is correct, it would mean Saban wanted to keep Golding, but not enough to outbid Lane Kiffin for him. Alabama will only be outbid for coaches if Nick Saban says “enough” and decides to move on.

It’s possible Saban wanted Golding to continue for another season while Jeremy Pruitt’s NCAA issues are resolved. That could take months, with the NCAA controlling the actual schedule. Keep in mind that this possibility is pure conjecture. One guess is that no more than a few dozen people actually know what happened, and none of them are speaking.

There are also other rumors that don’t deserve to be repeated.

Whatever happened, Alabama is happy, Ole Miss is happy and there’s no reason to think Nick Saban isn’t happy.