10 Harsh Realities of New York’s Real Housewives Reunion

The real housewives of New York was back in the media after Bravo released the former RHONY Housewife who would be in the spin-offs The ultimate girl trip from Real Housewives fourth season, Alex McCord. McCord hasn’t been around since Season 4, so fans are excited to see her again.

To prepare for a new season, watch again RHONY may surprise some fans. So much has changed in the core group, and some harsh realities surface in the plots, storylines, and cast of Housewives.


Knowing the fallout of Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel looks upset in season 3 of RHONY

Bethenny Frankel was a real housewife. Fans saw her build her business from the ground up before becoming a self-made millionaire and mega-entrepreneur. Bethenny has been on the show on and off over the years, but her recent stint on the show left a bad taste in fans’ mouths.

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Many housewives felt that Bethenny felt too good for the group after becoming a successful businesswoman. She’s had arguments with most women, but the worst reality was seeing her and Carole Radziwill end their friendship. These days she has a rewatch podcast of The real housewives of New York but it doesn’t look like she’ll be joining Bravo any time soon.

Be reminded of Luann’s downfall

A split image of Bethenny and Luann arguing about RHONY

Another harsh reality was seeing the fall of Luann de Lesseps from grace. In season 8, Luann started dating Tom D’Agostino, a well-known businessman in New York. Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan tried to steer Luann in a different direction because of his reputation, but the two fell in love.

Luann behaved differently when she was with Tom. She was argumentative, defensive and went out more. Eventually, the two married, divorced, and Lu was arrested shortly thereafter. It’s hard to relive her demise, but she’s been on a better path since and has a new spin-off in Sonja. Welcome to the shit lake.

Knowing how bad the last two seasons have been

RHONY - Sonja and Leah are arguing

RHONY has been a Bravo staple since 2008, but things changed for the franchise in Season 12 when Bravo added a younger woman, Leah McSweeney.

Adding offspring to this group didn’t go as Bravo had hoped. They tried again by adding Eboni K. Williams in season 13, but it was the show’s worst season to date. After two record-breaking seasons, Bravo went on hiatus RHONY and created a brand new cast. The two worst seasons being the cast finale can be a tough pill to take.

To realize that this occupation will never exist again

The core group of RHONY fights at a Halloween party

One of the biggest pills to swallow is the realization that the core is cast RHONY (Sonja, Luann. Ramona and even Dorinda Medley) will not be returning to the show, moving to a possible spin-off call legacies.

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Andy presented the new cast at BravoCon ’22. Everyone Real housewives Fan wanted to know more about the new line-up of RHONY, but it’s been a while since their release. Until then, fans will have to accept the end of an era.

Ramona’s dated behavior

Ramona Singer angry at party RHONY

As legendary as Ramona Singer is, she can also be problematic. As a wealthy and successful woman in New York, Ramona has always had a sense of entitlement, but over time that entitlement has become more and more fragile.

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Ramona had some frightening moments RHONY when it came to race, terminology, weight gain and even the way staff greeted each other. In 2023, it was best to break up with Ramona because her behavior was no longer intolerable.

The Countess is no longer a Countess

The Countess Luann de Lesseps - The Real Housewives of New York City

Luann has made some shocking decisions over the years, including divorcing her first husband, Count Alexandre de Lesseps. At first, the two seemed like a strong couple raising their two children. Eventually, Luann wanted more.

Divorcing Alexandre, however, meant she would no longer officially be a countess. But since she had geared her whole persona and brand towards being a Countess, she couldn’t turn it off. Today she still calls herself the Countess, but it’s a harsh reality to realize that she isn’t.

Dorinda’s fall from grace

Ramona and Dorinda fight in the Berkshires on RHONY

Dorinda Medley joined the cast of RHONY in Season 7. She was wealthy, successful, and had an amazing home in the Berkshires that soon became iconic Real housewives. As fun and fast as Dorinda was, her energy darkened as the series progressed.

Around 2020, Dorinda and her longtime boyfriend John split. She then began to grieve in earnest for her late husband now that she was alone. Being in such a sad, emotional state changed her and fans supported Dorinda’s decision to take a break The real housewives.

The fall of Ramona and Mario

As problematic as Ramona is, no one wanted to see the heartbreak she went through with her husband of 20 years, Mario Singer.

Despite recently renewing a vow, the couple divorced after Ramona found out Mario was cheating on her. It was heartbreaking to see her mourn the loss of her best friend and husband on TV. Especially how the divorce affected their daughter, Avery.

Alex McCord never returned

Alex McCord was a former Real Housewife who lasted the first four seasons before moving on. While most housewives come back at least as a friend, Alex never returned and moved from New York to Australia with her family.

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This is a harsh reality considering she’s an OG housewife and has had some hilarious memorable moments RHONYlike her cast trip to Morocco, Scary Island and scenes with her husband.

Aviva’s leg throw was deliberate

RHONY's Aviva Drescher throws her prosthetic leg

In Season 6, Aviva Drescher dropped out of the group. She didn’t get along with the women and was involved in most of the arguments. An amputee with a prosthetic leg, Aviva slammed her leg on a table during an argument to make it clear that the only fake thing about her was her leg (which became one of theirs). RHONY’s best quotes).

The leg kick became iconic Real housewives Moment. But in a shocking twist, Aviva admitted it was premeditated. In an interview with the Huff Post, Aviva said she did the trick to “earn.” [her] Keep.” This is a harsh reality because thousands of fans thought the moment was raw and not planned at the moment.

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