AccuWeather: Winter storm hits parts of New York on Sunday

STATEN ISLAND, NY — Areas of upstate New York have seen steady snowfall, but the city has yet to see any accumulation. The storm expected on Sunday will certainly bring rain to the city, but snow remains unlikely.

Parts of New York state received accumulated snowfall Friday, a sight New York City has not seen in more than 10 months. The city is currently in the fourth longest snow drought in its history.

“A lot of places in central and northern New York are getting some snow, as far north as Binghamton and places like that,” said John Gresiak, AccuWeather’s chief meteorologist, in reference to Friday night’s weather. “The total amount of snowfall up there in most areas was not very large. Once you got far enough up there, it snowed quite heavily. A lot of that is currently unfolding.”

Sunday promises wet weather for New Yorkers around the city. Though there’s still a chance of catching some stray flakes.

“It’s going to rain in the city, but there’s likely to be some snow again to the north and west,” Gresiak noted. “There might be a mix pretty close to town, and maybe even a few snowflakes in the city itself. They’ll be very sparse and just melt on the way down or as soon as they hit the ground.”

Those who long for a white coat of paint on city streets may blame unseasonably warm water levels for stealing their joy.

“Water temperatures off the coast, off the east coast in the Atlantic, are warmer than average and that warms the air near shore and causes storms to move further west and north,” Gresiak said. “And besides, the mild air near the coast tends to turn everything into rain.”

These abnormal temperatures are also reflected in the AccuWeather forecast for Sunday evening as we expect a high and low of 40 in the mid 40’s, several degrees above the freezing point of water, 32 degrees.

So what can we expect in terms of rain? In short, pack an umbrella but keep the ankle boots in the closet.

“We’re thinking about half an inch to maybe about three-quarters of an inch for Sunday,” Gresiak estimated.


Although we have a wet Sunday ahead of us, we should expect a storm on Wednesday next week that will likely be stronger than what we’ll see this weekend.

“It will probably rain a lot more, probably at least an inch or two,” Gresiak said. “There’s a slightly better chance it will start with a mix of rain and snow, even in the city…it probably won’t accumulate snow or anything like that. On Wednesday there is a greater chance of seeing snowflakes fall than on the weekend.”

Barring this storm, early forecasts appear to be showing a relatively mild week, with temperatures in the 30s and mid-40s.