Adam Schefter provides update on NY Jets QB goals

The quarterback market is heating up for the New York Jets, other teams in need of QBs

New York Jets fans keep a close eye on any quarterback rumors they can consume.

On the morning of Divisional Saturday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter provided an update on the latest rumors surrounding the top veteran quarterbacks who could find new homes in the 2023 offseason.

Schefter started with Aaron Rodgers and said a Rodgers trade was a “very real scenario.” He points out that the Packers are likely to back away from several key players, which Aaron Rodgers “probably won’t like.” The problem with Rodgers, Schefter says, is the $110 million remaining on Rodgers’ contract and finding a team that can afford it.

Next, Schefter spoke about Tom Brady. Schefter says Bardy is “taking his time to make a decision” and that he is keen to monitor his plans more closely than he was last offseason, when news of his retirement broke early. Schefter added that Brady “probably wants to play for a successful franchise” if he decides to continue playing.

Regarding Derek Carr, Schefter seems convinced that Carr is likely to be traded (and not made public, which will happen on February 15th if Carr is not traded by then). Schefter says, “Carr is expected to be traded at some point this offseason,” later adding that he expects that to happen “sooner rather than later.” Recall that on February 15, Carr’s entire 2023 salary ($34.9 million) and $7.5 million of his 2024 salary are guaranteed.

As for teams interested in Carr, Schefter didn’t name teams specifically targeting Carr, but he did say that “demand is outstripping supply” in the quarterback market, which will increase Carr’s value. Schefter named the Jets, Colts, Commanders, Texans and the entire NFC South as the top quarterback-needing teams.

Chris Mortensen addressed Lamar Jackson’s situation, but didn’t really add anything new to what we already know. The Ravens’ top leadership (head coach John Harbaugh and general manager Eric DeCosta) recently held a press conference where they strongly supported Jackson and said they will work hard to secure a deal with him. Most notably, Harbaugh said he believed there was a “200 percent” chance Jackson would remain a Raven.

Jackson is set to become an unrestricted free agent. Baltimore will try to negotiate a new contract extension with Jackson, and if that doesn’t happen by the end of the franchise tag window (Feb. 21-March 7), they will likely tag him. From there, they can continue trying to negotiate a deal or solicit trade offers.