An open letter to New York City nurses from a participant in the 2022 California nurses’ strike

Striking Stanford Nurses (WSWS Media) [Photo: WSWS]

The following letter to nurses in New York was written by a nurse from Stanford, California who took part in last year’s strike. Nurses in New York are voting on Tuesday on a sell-out deal agreed by the union, which called off its strike last week.

Dear Montefiore and Mt Sinai Nurses,

As a California nurse who went on strike last year, I want to both send my support and alert my colleagues in New York to the position of strength you are in, but also the danger you are at are exposed to at this point in your struggle. Think of this as a nurse-to-nurse report at the end of the shift. I am giving you the information we have learned in our struggle so that you can not make the same mistakes and advance our struggle together as healthcare workers.

Our strike by 5,000 nurses last year took place at Stanford Health Care and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Stanford. Despite our strength, after five days of our struggle, we were betrayed by Stanford’s union, the Committee for the Recognition of Nursing Achievement (CRONA), when they abruptly ended the strike late Friday night and handed us a shameful contract that so far has done nothing but worsen our working conditions.

The ordinary nurses had to fight to even get a copy of the full preliminary agreement. It wasn’t until we started organizing a simple committee to take matters into our own hands that the full TA was released.

Our primary concern was staffing safety and our contract contained nothing but vague announcements of a new staff committee and a plan to begin adjusting staff based on acrimony.