Another winter storm en route to New York State

January is regularly cold and snowy here in upstate New York, making it the least favorite month of the year for many.

However, this January has started on the mild side. Temperatures have been in the 30’s and 40’s while we haven’t really seen much of significant snowfall. Temperatures have been in the 40s lately, which will continue into Thursday.

However, snow is on the way for many in the state.

Snow is possible on Friday, but Sunday through Monday is what many forecasters are looking at.

According to long-term models, a winter storm will move into the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, likely bringing heavy snow to New York State.

Here are the three separate models, including the Euro model, which all agree that there will be significant rainfall in the region.

Snow should arrive on Sunday afternoon and be heaviest on Sunday evening and Monday morning.

That’s not the only system to look forward to. Another system will be moved to upstate New York on Wednesday and that will also bring snow, with the larger amounts being ahead of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

The Wednesday models are on the right.

There is a colder weather pattern for late January and the weekend appears to be the start of the cold and potentially snowy pattern.

Meteorologists won’t know exact snow amounts until we get close to Monday and Wednesday, but have those snow brushes ready.

What will February bring to the state? More snow? We’ll have to wait.

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