Aubrey Plaza Parodies “White Lotus” in SNL Debut – NBC New York

It wasn’t long before the cast of “Saturday Night Live” took on New York’s latest controversial lightning rod: Rep. George Santos.

The newly elected congressman, who made headlines for lying about most of the résumé he boasted about in his congressional campaign, was featured not once but twice on the Sketch program’s first show in 2023.

Sporting Santos’ already signature look of a blue blazer over a sweater, Bowen Yang played the ambassador in the cold, candid sketch of a Fox Sports segment depicting the night’s NFL playoff game in which the New York Giants impressively defeated the Philadelphia Eagles lost, summarized.

In the opening sketch, a group of sports commentators bring out brand new sideline reporter and “Heisman Trophy winner” with “more championships than Tom Brady”: George Santos. Introduced as a “former number one draft pick,” Yangs Santos boasts a long list of fabricated achievements.

“I’m sort of the real Bo Jackson. And I’m proud to be the first African American quarterback to ever sink a football,” he told the panel.

Yang rattles off a list of fake stats, claims to be the Eagles’ secret weapon in their victory over rival Giants and an Oscar winner at the age of 18. very good at it and won many, many competitions,” said Yang.

His sideline report ends, but Yang returned a minute later as Kitara Ravache, who had an impressive career of 26 death drops, 19 duck walks and infinity wags. Yang sneaked in on Santos’ claim that his mother died in the 9/11 attacks one last time before dancing to a remixed version of the “Fox football anthem.”

Yang later returned in the show as Santos during the regular weekend update segment. Colin Jost tried to address some of the fabrications that got the congressman in hot water, including claiming he was Jewish.

“No, I said I was ‘Jewish’, which is honestly iconic,” he retorted.

The evening’s host, Aubrey Plaza, appeared as characters from some of her hit shows, such as “Parks & Rec” and “The White Lotus,” and during the opening monologue, gave a backstage tour in homage to her days as an NBC side many years ago.

Plaza took a seat at the Weekend Update’s desk as her “Parks & Rec” character April Ludgate, accompanied by surprise guest Leslie Knope, played by former “SNL” actress Amy Poehler.

In a spoof of the acclaimed HBO show that Plaza starred in for its second season, SNL introduced a teaser for The Black Lotus, in which Chloe Fineman brings back her impression of star Jennifer Coolidge. Luxury hotel staff, played by Ego Nwodim, Kenan Thompson and Devon Walker,

The show’s recurring musical guest Sam Smith performed her hit single “Unholy” alongside Kim Petras.

Next week, Michael B. Jordan is filming as the host with musical guest Lil Baby.