Brian Daboll proves to Giants what’s good when adults run the show

Simply to say the New York Giants upset the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Super Wild Card Round is an understatement.

In fact, it’s one of the headlines of a season that has culminated in the ultimate cultural shift of one of the proudest and most storied NFL franchises, otherwise so far out of favor.

And it’s all down to the hiring of head coach Brian Daboll and general manager Joe Schoen.

The Giants were mired in the mud under the incompetent Dave Gettleman for more than half a decade, whose last act as general manager culminated in a 4-13 2021-22 campaign that saw former head coach Joe Judge seek answers that were out of reach of one first-time head coach of his caliber. From 2017-2021, the Giants went 22-59 as one of the worst franchises in the NFL during that period.

But then came the adults.

Gettleman retired, Judge was fired, and the Mara and Tisch families finally made their first good decision in years, bringing in Schoen and then Daboll from the Buffalo Bills before adding Mike Kafka as offensive coordinator and Wink Martindale as defensive coordinator to make it happen franchise to turn around.

However, when it came to player personnel, they didn’t do much. In fact, they’ve only made two multi-year free-agent commitments during the offseason. But Daboll introduced a hard-nosed worker mentality that’s the calling card of the best teams in franchise history, and just let the returning cast go with the show.

It couldn’t have gone much better.

Daniel Jones has proven he’s the future Giants franchise quarterback despite having an overwhelming group of receivers made up of outcasts and never-to-bes.

Saquon Barkley has proven he’s still one of the most explosive playmaking talents in the NFL after being hampered by injuries for most of the past three seasons.

The defense, unable to stop an 18-pound caulk leaking window last season, shed its reputation as a timid, sieve-like group and displayed an aggressive brand of blitz-heavy football that did just enough to aid Jones’ offense.

You fear no one.

They fear nothing – and that includes a hostile environment in Minnesota against the No. 3 Vikings, who they’d beaten once before in the regular season.

Jones was ready. Barkley was explosive. Daboll and Martindale were aggressive. The Giants were steadfast.

This is what good coaching means for a football team. That’s what happens when adults run the show.

Now the reward is a trip to the NFC Divisional Round in Philadelphia against an Eagles team that beat them twice before this season.

Don’t expect the giants to be shy.

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