Building a clean energy economy in New York

Sunrise Wind brings jobs, opportunity and economic growth to New York

New York has ambitious goals to reduce its climate footprint – and offshore wind plays a crucial role.

Sunrise Wind is one such project, a 924-megawatt offshore wind farm with the capacity to power nearly 600,000 homes. The wind farm, a partnership between Ørsted and Eversource, will provide residents with 100% renewable energy to help New York achieve a zero-carbon energy grid by 2040.

But building New York’s offshore wind industry also means building an entire supply chain — one that includes local suppliers in areas ranging from design and manufacturing to transportation and shipping and beyond. And in the case of Sunrise Wind, it’s a supply chain that spans the state.

By partnering with local businesses and talent, Sunrise Wind will help New York lead the nation in this growing industry. It will also bring thousands of jobs, personal development programs and growth to New York’s economy.

The offshore wind farm Sunrise Wind will bring jobs and economic growth
Offshore wind brings jobs and economic growth

Strong partnerships and better paying unionized jobs

The project has already secured $86 million in contracts with upstate New York structural and steel fabricators to manufacture advanced foundation components for offshore wind turbines. Steel components used in foundations for offshore wind turbines are manufactured in Wellsville, New York.

Meanwhile, Port Jefferson in Suffolk County will house the first-ever American-flagged Jones Act-licensed Service Operations Vessel, a vessel used to house and transport offshore wind technicians to work on the East Coast offshore wind farms .

It is estimated that by building the project, Sunrise Wind will create up to 800 direct jobs, and thousands more to support project work. In Suffolk County, a new national offshore wind training center will be the epicenter for training this growing offshore wind talent pool.

Research Way’s East Setauket operations and maintenance facility in the City of Brookhaven will house the permanent employees of Sunrise Wind and South Fork Wind, who will fill a variety of roles.

Opportunity at the heart of the local community

For many in the community, Sunrise Wind offers the opportunity to be part of a booming industry, with positive impacts that will last for generations to come. One of Ørsted and Eversource’s key suppliers is the Haugland Group, where pro-union General Foreman Matt Laub works on onshore infrastructure on Long Island, where he has lived since he was a child.

“Right now I’m building an onshore substation and ducts for underground cables that will bring the power from offshore wind turbines to the residents – people like me and my family,” says Laub.

The offshore wind industry is being built by New Yorkers for New Yorkers. The number of parts required to construct and operate an offshore wind farm numbers in the thousands, creating opportunities across the supply chain and across the state to develop new careers for the next generation.

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