Drake Delivers Nostalgia And Teases New Music At The Apollo Show

NEW YORK (AP) – It’s easy to forget how many hits Drake has created in his nearly 15-year music career. But he presented a powerful memory with an intimate concert at Harlem’s Apollo Theater on Saturday, his first-ever show at that legendary venue.

During the performance, the four-time Grammy winner teased that new music could be on the way despite releasing two albums last year.

“I’ve thought about a lot of things in life, but at this moment none of those things stop making music for you,” Drake told the delighted crowd. “I hope I can evoke some more emotion for you, maybe this year – I might get bored and do another one.”

On the first night of two Apollo weekend shows presented by SiriusXM, the 36-year-old ripped through songs at breakneck speed — most with just a verse and chorus — satisfying fans of day one with fan-favorite, deep non-radio Cuts as well as those only familiar with his #1 hits. The recorded performances will be broadcast on Drake’s SiriusXM Sound 42 channel in the coming weeks.

Noting that this was his first show in about five years and later saying, “I’m going to be traveling a lot this year,” Spotify’s most-streamed artist in the US told his captivated audience last year that the show is about gratitude go.

“I wanted to make this a show about gratitude,” said Drake. “This is a little story we’ve put together: my deep love for my family, for my dear friends and for each and every one of you who have been supporting me for a long time.”