Hanggi’s Tree Farm in New York sells purple painted Christmas trees

NAPLES, NY – One day, the story of purple Christmas trees could be passed down from generation to generation, making ghosts bright like Rudolph’s red nose and Frosty’s magician’s hat.

With many people heading to off-the-beaten-path locations this weekend to decorate the perfect tree for the season and place gifts underneath, consider this from Hanggi’s Tree Farm in the heart of New York State’s grape and wine country.

The farm is located in Naples, just under 40 miles southeast of Rochester.

A woman was driving past the farm when she spotted a purple tree among the traditional green varieties. So she stopped to take a picture and send it to her cousin who loves the color purple.

This led to the question how does the tree become purple?

She made up a story, saying a special snail that lives only in Naples picked up the tannins from grapes that fall to the ground and then excreted the byproduct into the soil, which in turn seeps into tree roots, giving the trees their purple color color gives .

David Hanggi, co-owner of the family farm, said she put it on Facebook and the story went viral.

“This is of course a joke and not really what happened. It’s a great story,” Hanggi said. “I took care of this girl when she came down to get her tree this year because it exploded our business even more.”

“It scared me to death, so I went out and bought a lot more paint and painted a lot more trees,” Hanggi said.