How were the Jets affected by the wild card weekend results and the coaching carousel?

The New York Jets may not have played wild card weekend, but last week there was nothing but positive news for the franchise in more ways than one.

Whether it was the team casting a wide net to find their next offensive coordinator or frustration with the league and its quarterbacks, the Jets are sleeping giants right now as they await the start of the offseason.

With the Divisional round of the playoffs starting Saturday, the Jets have had a lot of good news over the past week.

Let’s take a look at each one.

2023 quarterbacks remain clouded

The Ravens, Buccaneers and Raiders are out of the playoff race. That leaves the Jets with three quarterback options should they decide to go that route in the offseason. Tom Brady may become a free agent, Lamar Jackson could be on the trading block and Derek Carr has announced his departure from Raider Nation.

New York has an interest in entering the free agent market to sign an experienced quarterback. Can the Jets secure a top quarterback among players eliminated in the playoffs?

Most quarterbacks available in the offseason come with bags. Brady is coming off one of his worst playoff games and seasons. Lamar Jackson is recovering from a serious knee injury that kept him out for a month and Derek Carr struggled with Josh McDaniels in his freshman season.

All of these things need to be taken into account by New York as they try to improve on their most important position. However, the way the first round of the playoffs ended was a good thing for the Jets.

The coaching carousel is overflowing

After the team parted ways with Mike LaFleur after the season ended, New York entered the market for a new play-caller. The good news for you? With recent coaching interviews and changes, the Jets have a much larger pool to choose their best play-caller.

Joe Lombardi is fired from the Los Angeles Chargers gives the jets another chance to attack. Lombardi has brought out the best in several quarterbacks and could help develop whoever the Jets choose.

Just as New York has received good news about the offensive coaching tradition, the Jets have received bad news. With Sean McVay returning to the Rams in 2023, Greg Olson may very well want to stay with the Rams. That means the first connection to Derek Carr could be wasted if the Jets don’t find a way to plant him.

It’s easy to play the conspiracy game at this time of the off-season. As Gang Green decides what to do with their coaching staff and quarterback, they will forever be affected by the events of the playoffs as they continue to build a potential playoff team.

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