Hudson Valley student nearly died at school in upstate New York

Quick-acting school nurses are credited with saving the life of a Hudson Valley student who appeared to have overdosed at school.

School nurses from the Lower Hudson Valley appear to have saved the life of a student who overdosed on fentanyl.

Westchester County, New York student rescued by school nurses

Electronic cigarette on the background of a vape shop.

Nijat Nasibli

Last week, a high school student from New Rochelle, New York, vaporized what school officials said the student thought was marijuana, but laced with what appeared to be fentanyl.

“Vaporizing nearly killed this student. I urge you to start talking to your kids about the dangers of vaping right away. It’s urgent. This device is still in our community and may pose a threat to the health or life of everyone else who uses it. ” Jonathan P. Raymond, the new superintendent of Rochelle schools, told the community.

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After taking a hit from the vape, the unnamed student suddenly became disoriented and uncomfortable.

New Rochelle nurses use Narcan

New England Towns grapple with opioid and heroin epidemic

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School nurses springed into action and gave the student Narcan, a drug shown to reverse an opioid overdose.

“For the first time, our nursing staff had to use Narcan to rescue a student who was vaping what the student thought was marijuana,” Raymond added. “I commend our nurses at New Rochelle High School for their quick and effective response. Your actions may have saved this student’s life.”

Fentanyl not confirmed

School officials could not confirm whether the vape pen actually contained fentanyl.

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“Our students, staff and everyone in our community needs to understand that even a bullet hit can be fatal. While we have not confirmed the substance that harmed our student today, we do know that any vaping device or drug bought on the street can – and probably does – contain the synthetic opioid fentanyl, even the smallest one Dose can be fatal,” Raymond said.

CBS reports that hospital tests showed the girl had not been exposed to opioids.

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