Cellini and its owner Leon Adams are uniquely respected by watch-loving Manhattanites, with collectors, celebrities and financiers of the universe making their way to the Park Avenue showroom to try on watches by independent watchmakers in small numbers that they can’t find anywhere else City.

The store’s modern, minimalist design is almost the complete opposite of Cellini’s original store in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, which closed in 2017 for a major renovation that forced Mr. Adams to vacate after 41 years in the house.

Demand for the independent watchmakers that Cellini specializes in has increased dramatically over the past two years, but not in the quantities they each produce.

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This means their watches are extremely hard to find, making Cellini a must-have for anyone looking to move into the upper stratosphere of collecting.

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Appropriately, the watches are the stars of the showroom and not big blocks of branded furniture.

They are sold by one of the most experienced teams in New York, making a visit to Cellini one of the city’s greatest pleasures.

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