NBA Rumors: New York Knicks Could Tackle Alex Caruso

The New York Knicks are reportedly a team to watch in light of Alex Caruso’s landing.

The New York Knicks are in a very interesting position this season. Acquiring Jalen Brunson and allowing him to flourish has allowed the team to become a playoff team again. However, they are still a distance or two away from truly fighting at the top of the Eastern Conference. With that in mind, there are quite a few players they have been linked with before the trade deadline.

The New York Knicks could use a real star to lead this team, and they seem to agree, considering they’re pursuing Donovan Mitchell in the offseason. However, they also like the squad they have now and don’t want to change it too much, as evidenced by the fact they were also reportedly keen on getting Tobias Harris. So it’s not surprising that the latest report has linked her to one of the NBA’s most important role players.

“The defensively-focused guard would be a plug-and-play reserve — and closer — for virtually any competitor or team seriously looking to make a playoff push. Golden State was a prominently mentioned rumor. The Knicks, which the Bulls have been scouting for, is another team to keep an eye on lately.”

Alex Caruso is a really good shot and where he excels is on defence. Caruso is a player with championship pedigree and as such, even with the Knicks a team to watch, they’re far from the only franchise credited with an interest.

3 prominent NBA franchises have been mentioned in conversations about Alex Caruso

There isn’t a single competing team in the league that Alex Caruso wouldn’t want in their roster. The Golden State Warriors were also mentioned in the last report, but according to Sean Deveney, the Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns are also teams that could make a move for Caruso.

“If they can get some draft capital back for Caruso and maybe a player, that would suit them. Teams like Phoenix or Miami would both be able to make such a trade. Even the Warriors could send them out a young man.”

While not a star or superstar, Alex Caruso is a fan favorite in the NBA, and his future is one that many are eyeing. As a successful player, his talents could be used by many teams. If the Knicks can add him cheaply, it would make their already solid roster even better.