New York Notes: Warren, Nets, A. Williams, Robinson, Knicks

with Kevin Durant take a break due to a knee injury nets Forward TJ Warren feels like he’s capable of stepping up and taking on a bigger role. However, as Brian Lewis of the New York Post writes, Warren is still limited to a minute limit after not playing action for nearly two years, and while he recognizes it’s in his best interest, he can’t help but than to be frustrated by it.

“Yeah, it’s super frustrating, trust me.” Warren said. “It’s trying to find a balance between being away for two years, but also knowing that I feel like I can carry the load a bit during these long stretches.

“But I just have to put my trust and the hands of the training staff. … They did a great job with me, got me back to this point and just had to see the bigger picture, the end of the season, the playoffs, do my best, hopefully constrained from the minute.

Warren has averaged 20.7 minutes per game in 19 appearances since his season debut. In the Nets’ last three games that Durant was unavailable, he has averaged 16.0 points in 24.9 minutes a night.

Here’s more about the NBA’s two New York-based teams:

  • Despite losing all three games since Durant’s injury, the nets remain upbeat and confident they will be able to put the ship back on track and avoid a repeat of last season’s 5-16 slip without KD, Lewis writes in another New York Post article. “Last year it was … it was kind of a toxic environment.” Nick Claxton said. “We didn’t know at the time whether everyone wanted to be here. This year there is no separation between everyone that is out there. We’ll find out.” As Lewis notes, Claxton’s comments appear to relate to this James Hardenwho asked to be traded during Durant’s absence.
  • After waiver by the nets Last week, rookie guard Alondas Williams has rejoined the Long Island Nets, Brooklyn’s G-League affiliate, according to NetsDaily’s Chris Millholen. Williams had spent a lot of time with Long Island on his two-way contract, but is now an NBA free agent and could sign with any team if he receives an offer.
  • curtsy center Mitchell Robinson left the game on Wednesday with a sprained right thumb and will undergo another evaluation on Thursday to determine the severity of the injury, according to the New York Post’s Zach Braziller. If Robinson misses the clock, big man Jericho Sims will likely recapture a rotating role for New York.
  • curtsy head coach Tom Thibodeau isn’t concerned about how much playing time his top players are seeing and calls critics of his rotation the “minute police,” Braziller says in another article for the New York Post. “I know you like to create the narrative for your stories and not see them as a whole.” said Thibodeau. “I don’t think we have anyone in the top 20 in minutes played.” As Braziller elaborated in the last 15 games on Wednesday night, Julius Randle and Jalen Brunson were in the top five in the NBA in minutes played, while Quentin Grimes was 14. However, all three players rank much lower in the season-wide leaders.