New York police officer shot in Bronx, 16-year-old arrested

A police officer was shot in the arm and a 16-year-old arrested in the Bronx early Tuesday, officials said.

Police were looking for two other suspects in connection with the shooting just after 3 a.m., New York City Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said.

The shooting happened while the officer and his uniformed partner were on patrol in an unmarked car in the Belmont neighborhood. Officers spotted two men and stopped to speak to them, Police Chief James Essig said.


“As they pull up, at least one man fires at least six times, hitting the windshield and our officer,” Essig said.

The wounded officer and his partner returned fire and gave chase on foot, Essig said. A 16-year-old man was arrested and a .32-caliber handgun was seized from him, the chief said.

Seconds after the first shooting, Essig said, more shots were fired, not at the officers but at the spot where the first shots were fired. Police were looking for the person who was with the 16-year-old and the person who fired the second salvo of shots.

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Sewell said her department “will stop at nothing to ensure these individuals involved in this shooting and the people who are fueling violence in this city are brought to justice.”

A New York police officer was shot in the arm in the Bronx.  A 16-year-old was arrested in connection with the shooting.

A New York police officer was shot in the arm in the Bronx. A 16-year-old was arrested in connection with the shooting.

Mayor Eric Adams, who joined police officers at a news conference at the hospital where the wounded officer was recovering, said he spoke to the officer and his family.


“He’s proud to have done his frontline work to deal with the violence that we’ve seen, particularly in the borough of the Bronx,” Adams said. The mayor, a former police officer, added: “Too many young people have too many guns in their hands. And our job is to create a way to stop that and make sure we get these guns off our streets.”

Patrick Lynch, the head of the Police Benevolent Association, praised the professionalism of the officers under fire.

“The officer who was hit and shot was still pursuing the perpetrator,” Lynch said. “His partner has been chasing the perpetrator, realizes his partner has been shot, throws him in the car. Drives, sends descriptions, calls the hospital.