New York state’s luckiest lottery shop found in the Hudson Valley

The lucky fairy continues to strike at a Hudson Valley store. Recently, a store sold many multi-million dollar winning tickets.

The slogan of the New York State Lottery was “Hey, you never know”. That’s true, but we know where to buy your lottery tickets in the Hudson Valley.

Orange County, New York shop continues to produce multi-million dollar lottery tickets

In early January, when the Mega Millions jackpot surpassed $1 billion for the first time, a $3 million winning ticket was sold in Newburgh, New York.

There was no jackpot prize in this draw, but a $3 million ticket was sold at Smokes 4 Less in Newburgh. The store is located at 59 North Plank Road.

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Newburgh Store sells $1 million ticket

Google Maps/Canva

Google Maps/Canva

Then a few days later, on a very unlucky day, the lucky Newburgh shop produced another million dollar winner!

The jackpot for Friday, January 13’s Mega Millions draw was over $1.3 billion. A jackpot winner ticket was sold in Maine.

The Newburgh Smoke 4 Less was one of 14 winning tickets sold nationally for at least $1 million.

$2 million Mega Millions ticket sold in Newburgh, New York

In September 2022, the same store sold a $2 million Mega Millions winning ticket. The winning ticket was for the Mega Millions drawing on Friday 2nd September.

The Newburgh Store continues to sell $1 million in prize tickets

A second prize ticket for the November 5th Powerball drawing went on sale in the city of Newburgh.

A second prize ticket for the November 2nd Powerball drawing was also sold in the city of Newburgh.

Both winning tickets were worth $1 million and both were sold at one price Smokes 4 Less is located at 59 North Plank Road.

Why is the Newburgh Store so happy?

According to CBS, the store sold five big winning tickets in November 2022. The store has sold at least five lottery tickets worth at least $1 million since August.

“Maybe because it’s a new business and a new machine that churns out hot numbers, you know?” Lottery player Luis Cintron told CBS.

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The store manager told CBS that people from out of state are now coming into the Newburgh store hoping for luck.

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