Revitalization of One Pace Plaza East

Last December, Pace University announced plans to remodel One Pace Plaza to accommodate new academic spaces, an upgraded residence hall, and a new state-of-the-art performing arts center that will serve its performing and creative arts programs and act as a central meeting place for our community and our neighborhood.

Upon completion, Pace will have a modernized building that will reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency while providing faculty, students and staff with the facilities they need.

“Our campus planning and facilities team spent many months meeting and consulting with stakeholders while designing this project,” said Marvin Krislov, President of Pace. “This project is a big step forward for Pace University. I look forward to this next chapter and look forward to further discussion over the coming days, weeks and months.”

While the final details of the renovation are still being worked out, here are the broad outlines of the planned revitalization:

  • Reconstruction of the lower floors of One Pace Plaza East, Creating a welcoming and modern building with classrooms and creative arts spaces, collaboration spaces and a performing arts center that will include a proscenium theater that will replace the Schimmel Center and other theater and support spaces. This provides the current classroom, creative and performance spaces we need and keeps our large gathering space – used by the entire university and the wider community – at the heart of our campus.
  • Renovations and upgrades of Maria’s Tower, which provides additional coveted living space for students. This extra capacity, combined with the addition of 15 Beekman, will allow Pace to move out of his rented dorm at 55 John Street.
  • When you are ready, One Pace Plaza fully modernised, including the outdated central plant, reducing CO2 emissions. All code issues – current and upcoming – will be addressed for the entirety of One Pace Plaza.

Construction work is scheduled to start in autumn 2023 and be completed in early 2026. Pace’s campus planning and facilities team spent many months meeting and consulting with stakeholders during the design of this project.

Funding for this ambitious project has come from a variety of sources, including funds committed in Pace’s construction fund, the ability to issue debt and fundraising. New York State and federal funding will also complement a targeted fundraising campaign.