The Blue Jackets perform poorly in the loss to the New York Rangers

After the Blue Jackets won in Detroit on Saturday to end a 10-game losing streak, coach Brad Larsen reminded his team it was only one game.

Larsen reiterated that message Monday morning before the Blue Jackets hosted the New York Rangers to emphasize that a win will not be a panacea to the Blue Jackets’ seasonal woes.

But from the first seconds of Monday’s 3-1 defeat at Nationwide Arena, it was clear the message hadn’t got through. Columbus wasn’t blown away on the scoreboard, but the Rangers’ methodical, constant puck cycling did much damage as they wore down the Blue Jackets at every turn.

“I couldn’t find a guy I liked,” Larsen said. “It was that hard. I don’t know how we could play two, two and a little bit as well in the Detroit game and then just come out — no one had gas. Nobody had energy. We had a day off no excuse for that – we looked like we got in at 4am, I have no idea why.