The future of gas stoves in New York: what you need to know before a ban

This article was originally published Jan 13 11:14pm EST by THE TOWN

The City Council has banned gas in many new buildings in New York City starting in 2024. | PhotoCuisinette/Shutterstock

A smoldering debate over gas stoves recently boiled over.

A federal agency last week proposed phasing out the use of gas appliances, and the response has been overheated across the country. But in New York, the idea is not new.

Two years ago, the city council moved to ban the installation of gas stoves in new buildings. Earlier this week, the governor proposed more regulations as part of efforts to tackle climate change.

Here’s what you need to know about the problem – and how to get rid of your gas stove if you want to:

What’s so bad about gas stoves anyway?

Gas stoves can pollute the indoor air in a home by releasing large amounts of nitrogen dioxide, as well as particulate matter and carbon monoxide. It has been found that even gas stoves that are off emit methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that warms the planet.