The National Weather Service is issuing winter storm warnings for New York

A sweeping storm blowing in from the southern and Midwestern United States has sparked numerous winter weather warnings across New York and is expected to disrupt travel later in the week.

Snowy and frigid conditions are forecast to affect northern parts of the state through Thursday night, but New York City – which has suffered one of the longest snow droughts in its recorded history – is likely to receive only rain as temperatures remain above freezing.

However, according to AccuWeather, the storm is only the first to hit New York in the coming days. Another wave of precipitation is expected to hit the state early next week, with the possibility of some, albeit limited, snowfall on Staten Island.

Winter storms sweep through the Northeast.  Ice, snow and rain are possible throughout New York.

Graphical 24-hour forecast from the National Weather Service as of Thursday noon.

Winter weather warnings were issued for most of northern New York Thursday through early Friday, ranging from Rochester and Syracuse to Buffalo and Albany, warning of poor conditions from mixed precipitation.

Icy roads on Tuesday contributed to accidents on the New York State Thruway and local roads,, sister site of Advance/, reported. Many schools dismissed students early to avoid buses stalling on slippery roads.

“Some untreated bridges and overpasses may be particularly icy,” AccuWeather meteorologist Nicole LoBiondo said in a press release.

Winter Weather Warnings for New York

Chart from the National Weather Service for Thursday afternoon.

Snow from Thursday through Friday night is expected to bring between six and 12 inches in eastern parts of New York and milder totals of six inches to three inches in northern and central parts of the state.

Western New York, meanwhile, is expected to receive just 1 to 3 inches of accumulation from the storm, according to AccuWeather.

However, another system expected to work on the East Coast could bring even more significant sums to New York from Sunday through Monday night. Totals reaching 18 inches are possible throughout the interior, although forecasts are currently calling for snow to miss New York City.

Winter storms sweep through the Northeast.  Ice, snow and rain are possible throughout New York.

AccuWeather graph for late weekend wintry weather.

New York City, meanwhile, will likely have to wait until later this month for a chance to break its ongoing streak of snowless days.

The National Weather Service’s climate station in Central Park has observed 315 consecutive days without a one-tenth of an inch accumulation — the fourth-longest streak on record. Typically, New York City experiences a 10-inch accumulation through Jan. 19.

The last New York City to ever wait for its first measurable snowfall was January 29, 1973. To break the snow drought record, the longest wait of a tenth of an inch for snow in a single winter must also have been shattered will.

The National Weather Service forecast temperatures could drop to a low of 32 degrees on Tuesday, along with a 30% chance of rain and snow.

Winter storms sweep through the Northeast.  Ice, snow and rain are possible throughout New York.

AccuWeather snow drought tracker.