What if Winds of Winter only comes out if the Giants win the Super Bowl?

George RR Martin loves three things: Seeing his work on HBO shows like him game of Thrones and house of the dragonnot ready The Winds of Winter, and the National Football League. In particular, he is a die-hard fan of the New York teams Jets and Giants. You could say he has a soft spot for hopeless cases.

One day, while thinking about Martin and soccer as I am used to (and as he does; the author will frequently mention soccer and A Song of Ice and Fire in the same blog post), I began to wonder: what if they are more related than we previously thought?

At the time of writing, the NFL playoffs are underway and the New York Giants have made more than one appearance, they won the wildcard game against the Minnesota Vikings last week and are taking on the top-ranked Philadelphia Eagles ( go birds ) in the division round.

Playoff wins in New York football don’t come that often. You know what doesn’t happen that often? The release of a new book, A Song of Ice and Fire. And my data suggests that this could not be a coincidence.

[Ed. note: All stats are from Pro Football Reference, both for the Giants and the Jets.]

Cover photo of John Madden Football (1988).

Image: Electronic Arts

According to a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone, Martin began writing what would become of it A game of thrones 1991 – a year that began with the Giants winning the Super Bowl against the Buffalo Bills. It would be another five years before the book was ready for publication, which would feature the Giants in the playoffs in January 1994 and the Jets briefly in two games in addition made a rare playoff appearance in the wildcard round in 1991, so there was a lot of wind in Martin’s sails.

A battle of kings was released in the US in 1999, a year that also saw the Jets make the playoffs (a running theme in the NFL for decades has been that the Jets are goddamn worse than the Giants, so that was a big deal). Nov 2000, when A sword storm was released in the US, not to appear That’s remarkable for New York football, but the Giants were on their way to a pretty great playoff run this season, going all the way to the Super Bowl against the Baltimore Ravens in January 2001. (They lost that time, what kind of so is suitable for A sword storm General topics.)

This is where Martin begins to earn his reputation for never releasing new ASOIAF books on time. a feast for crows would not see the light of day until the fall of 2005, a four-year stretch that saw New York’s NFL playoff record somewhat fallow and rarely progressed past the first round of wildcards — but the Jets did did scraped past, only to lose in the divisional round to the Pittsburgh Steelers in, you guessed it, January 2005.

From here it gets a bit strange: The Giants win the Super Bowl again in 2008 A dance with dragons doesn’t come until 2011 – a truly remarkable year for New York football. The Jets had their best playoff game for the second straight season since 1998, and the Giants began their trek to winning the Super Bowl in early 2012 – a 12-month period of ecstasy for New York soccer and ASOIAF fans.

As fuel for the writing, it makes sense that an incredible year of football would go hand in hand with getting a complicated book out the door – Martin, in the foreword to it A dance with dragonsShe dubbed the book “Bitches and a Half” to finish.

That brings us to the present and the possibility that the 12-year gap in between lies in between dragon and the coming The Winds of Winter It’s not entirely Martin’s fault. Both New York soccer teams have, to use a technical term, sucked shit for the past decade. But there is finally hope again. The Giants are in the playoffs and have already won one game.

But it’s not like the New York Giants have one simply time before them. There are three more rounds left in the playoffs, including this Saturday’s showdown against a very good Eagles team (favored by over a touchdown in their matchup against the Giants). If they can do that, the next game will be against either the San Francisco 49ers or the Dallas Cowboys, both teams with better records and higher odds of making it to the Super Bowl. Then, finally, there would be the Big Game itself, where the Giants would be the underdog no matter which of the remaining teams (the Bengals, Bills, Jaguars, or Chiefs) they were up against.

For ASOIAF and Giants fans, hope will last forever. Just getting through last week’s wildcard round is huge, so I think Martin might be inspired enough to announce a release date for his long-overdue novel soon. If they win the Super Bowl? Maybe we even see The Winds of Winter this year.

Those interested in watching can watch the Giants play the Eagles on Fox on January 21 at 8:15 p.m. EST, and if the Giants make it this far, the Super Bowl on February 12 starting at 6:30 p.m Watch EST on Fox.