Why the NY Jets are interviewing the mystery Nick Caley

The New York Jets Will Continue Their Search For Offensive Coordinators With Patriots Tight Ends Coach Nick Caley: But Why?

Today, the New York Jets are interviewing New England Patriots tight ends coach Nick Caley for their vacant position as offensive coordinator, according to Albert Breer.

Every Jets fan had the same reaction to this news: huh?

Of all the names mentioned as candidates for the Jets OC role, Caley is the strangest. Caley, 39, has been an assistant on the Patriots offense since 2015 and has never called games at any level. He’s been coaching the Patriots’ tight ends since 2017, which isn’t necessarily a gold star on his resume, as the Patriots’ tight ends have been largely disappointing during that time.

So why are the Jets interviewing him?

There are a few reasons worth considering.

First, I think tight ends coaches are underappreciated candidates for the offensive coordinator role. At first glance, coaching tight ends doesn’t seem as glamorous as coaching quarterbacks, coaching wide receivers, or serving as a passing game coordinator. But think about it: Tight ends are heavily involved in both the passing game and the running game. Tight ends coaches need to be comfortable with both facets of offense, while other positions can be more one-dimensional.

Another explanation to consider is that the Jets may only be interviewing Caley for information on a division rival. It’s smart gimmicks to use interviews as an opportunity to pick out the brains of other organizations. The Jets may want to hear about the game plans New England have used to finish off New York’s offense in four straight games over the past two years.

Finally, it is not fair to always assume that a trainer’s coaching skills are directly linked to the performance of the unit they are overseeing. What if he’s a great coach and the players don’t live up to their end of the bargain? The opposite can also be true. What if a coach is mediocre and is saved by the amazing performance of the players?

Coaching skills are very difficult to analyze for outsiders. Unless you’re in the building with a coach every day, you know nothing of his ability to motivate, teach, instill discipline, enforce respect, deal with players, leaders and all the unquantifiable things that make a good coach .

With that in mind, it’s highly likely that if a candidate like Caley does emerge, it’s likely because he has a good reputation in league circles.

To learn more about Caley’s reputation, we brought Patriots Beat Reporter Zack Cox by NESN on the Cool Your Jets Podcast. Zack provided an insight into Caley’s tenure in New England and gave Jets fans an idea of ​​why their team might be considering him for the OC position.