Wink Martindale calls please an honor, NY a goal

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ — Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale was on hold to generate interest in some of the NFL’s head coaching vacancies, unsurprisingly making the recent report that the Indianapolis Colts had approached Martindale.

Martindale called it an honor that every team would want to speak to him for a job, but he reiterated what head coach Brian Daboll said Tuesday that he would not be giving an interview this week. The Giants are preparing for Saturday’s divisional round showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I think it’s harder to get a head coaching job in this league than it is to be in the Senate,” Martindale joked ahead of Wednesday’s practice. “Coming here as a giant wasn’t a stepping stone for me. It was a goal. And I love it here in New York. i love the city I think it’s the greatest city in the world. I think they are the biggest fans in the world. And the possessions, maras and tischs have been great for my family. And honestly was fixated on Philly. We’re not conducting interviews this week.”

Martindale was one of the main reasons the Giants were as strong as they have been this season, and defensive coordinator was set as a name that would attract interest in the league. The Giants’ defense ranked 17th in points allowed and 25th in yards allowed that season under Martindale, his first in New York.

Martindale said he would be interested in sitting down for interviews if there was time later. He pointed to the relationship he formed with Giants’ John Mara after sitting down with him for an interview to show how beneficial such a meeting can be.

“I think when the time comes, if we can still do it, I’d like to sit down and talk to him,” Martindale said. Because that’s what I did three years ago and that’s how I met Mr. Mara for the first time and sat down with him. And after that time, I felt like he was a mentor and a friend… It’s no slam dunk anywhere. You just weigh your options and make a decision.”

Both Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka and Martindale have received requests from teams to interview for head coaching jobs, and the Colts have asked to speak with Kafka as well.

It’s a position Daboll himself has had in the past. However, the Giants head coach said he’s never had a problem staying focused when interview requests come up.

“They are working extremely hard to get to this position,” Daboll said. “All that work that you put into your offseason, the training camps, the regular season games, of course the first playoff game. As a professional, that is your full attention.”

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